F@MU 2023: the photogallery

This first Sunday in October could not have been more fun and colourful!

Once again this year, we were delighted to participate in F@MU, the Families-at-the-Museum Day, with a rich and enriching programme for young and old.

We would like to thank

Kiwi Association for entertaining our little guests with their maxi goose game, 

ETF - European Training Foundation for providing the digitallyexcluded.org platform, giving us a new perspective on the topic of inclusion, 

Lorenzo Montanaro for honouring us with the notes of his cello,

Polisportiva UICI for showing us the everyday life of visually impaired and blind people, teaching us to use our other senses in a new way.


You can find a small photogallery here. See you next year!