The new Museum follows a narrative line organized in macro-thematic areas, that coincide with the different areas of the route.

Starting from the first room - a summary of the history, of the activities and of the image of the Company and its Group - the visitors begin an itinerary that takes them from the “general” to the “specific”, from the great history of Italy to the specific situation of Turin’s Mutual company, discovering its internal organisation, the relationship with its Members/Insured, its part in the growth of the Nation, life in its offices, the relationship with the media and the support offered to the community for the promotion of a culture of protection and inclusion.


We are
the result of
our choices and our history

The Società Reale d'Assicurazione Generale e Mutua contro gl'incendi (against fire) was founded in 1828 under the leadership of French lawyer Giuseppe Giulio Lorenzo Henry, thanks to King Carlo Felice's desire to offer insurance cover to the subjects of the Kingdom of Sardinia against damage caused by fire, which was dramatically frequent at a time when fire was widely used in everyday life.

Through the bond of trust established with the Savoy Government, Reale Mutua was able to take part in the Italian Unity building process and in the history of the Peninsula throughout the 20th century, taking on the characteristics of the great insurance Company as we know it today.


A “royal”

The historical institutional trademark of Reale Mutua, assumed in 1969, is a "royal" coat of arms, reproducing the King of Sardinia’s "small weapon" at the time of the Restoration.

Although developed in different forms, the brand, which over time has become a Group brand, symbolises the continuity between past and present, testifying to growth in the languages and the values it communicates.

An evolution, but never a departure from its raison d'être.


An organised Company

The Società Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni has maintained over time a structure faithful to its original founding principles. 

Getting to know the leading figures who contributed to the progress of the Company and the Turin area makes it possible to capture the nuances still present in the work of those who operate within the Group today.


Members, not simply Insured

In a Mutual society, when the policyholder adheres to the Company's social contract, he or she becomes a member and, as such, is entitled to receive special advantages in the form of mutual benefits.

From fires to accidents, from cycling to the Carousel: for almost two centuries Reale Mutua has been confronted with the changing needs of the times, without ever betraying its close relationship with its Members/Insured.


The growth of a Group

Among the top names in the insurance sector since the World War II, Reale Mutua has taken a leading position in Italy, Spain and Chile in recent decades, creating a Group committed to a diversified range of services, working closely with partners to meet the needs of its customers in Italy and around the world.


A Company made up of people

In almost two hundred years of history, the professional skills and creativity of individuals, as well as teamwork, have been the guides of Reale Mutua’s development, carefully cultivating the professional growth of its employees without forgetting their value as individuals.


A Company that tells its story

Throughout its history, Reale Mutua has presented itself and its conduct in the most diverse ways and forms, constantly renewing with honesty and transparency its privileged relationship with its Members/Insured.

Through print media, sponsorships, television and web advertising, Reale Mutua has always told the public about itself, each time adopting narrative styles in step with the times.


Beyond the ordinary: Sustainability

Mutuality is at the basis of all Reale Group's business strategies, it guides their implementation and is the raison d'être of the communities in which it operates. It is translated through the values of its Code of Ethics: Centrality of People, Integrity, Cohesion, Innovation and Responsibility. 

Sustainability, guided by the 2030 Sustainable Development Objectives of the United Nations Agenda, is the driving force behind the mutuality identity and values, and is integrated into business processes in order to generate intentional, positive and measurable impacts.