The Reale Mutua Historical Museum aims to contribute to the education of students through the study of fundamental matters for the Group – the importance of protection and prevention, civic education, insurance culture – and to organise visits that accompany schools through dynamic learning, in which events that were milestones in the birth and growth of the Group are placed in the national and international history perspective.

This allows the understanding of history through direct sources, using the approach of a historian, archivist and archaeologist. A continuous kaleidoscopic effect in which the reflections of documents, policies and publicity posters help us to understand economic, political and social history.

The learning paths

The path dedicated to primary schools (third, fourth and fifth classes) “A calculated risk: learn how to protect yourself" helps to discover the concepts of risk, protection and safety and to educate the new generations in the exercise of an aware and responsible citizenship. 

The "La storia siamo noi" (We are history) path for secondary schools helps them discover the history of Italy through the eyes of the Turin-based company.  The path of "Risk and protection: the historical importance of insurance" explains the evolution of the concept of risk and teaches how to recognise the importance of prevention and protection as well as the socio-economic relevance of insurance in modern life.

The path dedicated to secondary schools "History assures the future" helps them learn the basics of insurance practice, which they will have to deal with in their daily and working lives, and the many historical and social changes that have taken place in Italy since the foundation of Reale Mutua up to the present day.

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