Protecting Time: exhibition opened yesterday at the Museum

Yesterday, Wednesday 7 June, 'Protecting Time', the exhibition curated by Giuseppe Biasutti for the DemocraticArt project, was inaugurated.

"DemocraticArt is a thought," explains Biasutti, "that tends to highlight social problems, what is happening in the world today. It is not a denunciation: rather, it is the highlighting of socially difficult situations that are often overlooked, or that go unnoticed, despite being very important and worthy of note'.

A search in knowledge and experience, therefore, to bring out the conflicts of the times in which we live.

Seven artists are on show at the museum until 7 July: DAC, Antonio Ciarallo, Eleonora Lauro, Patrizia Molinari, Shinya Sakurai, Telo and Marco Veronese. All artists from different backgrounds, who have tried to create a link with Palazzo Biandrate Aldobrandino di San Giorgio through their experience and messages.

We await you for a journey into a universe of messages, from which you will emerge with a whole new awareness.