Torino Fringe Festival: the appointment at the Reale Mutua Historical Museum

On Tuesday 23 May at 9.00 p.m., the Museo Storico Reale Mutua will become the stage for 'Shakespeare Electrified', the performance by Eutopia within the framework of the 11th edition of the Turin Fringe Festival, a cultural event of off-theatre and performing arts that involves the social and urban fabric in support of the theatre sector.

Resulting from the work of Maira Milolidaki (soprano), Nikos Spanatis (countertenor) and Evelina Arapidi (performer), the performance aspires to explore the creative potential of Shakespeare's sonnets, combining them with the fascinating combination of classical voices, acoustic instruments and live electronics.

Eutopia are a powerful Greek trio impersonating the central and enigmatic figure of the Innamorata to whom Shakespeare dedicated his sonnets. While the countertenor brings forth the Renaissance charm of the Elizabethan era, the soprano honours the bel canto tradition and the actress alludes to emblematic characters such as Lady Macbeth, Iago, Viola and Ophelia.

The dramatic structure is defined by the interaction with musical media: acoustic instruments intertwine with live electronics in the most refined dynamics.

In recent years, the Torino Fringe Festival has developed all kinds of performances in theatres, beer halls, dance halls, stations, historic residences, markets, clubs, museums, squares, and art galleries, and aims to give more people the opportunity to enjoy and fall in love with performance art, promoting mutual understanding and the contamination of the senses by invading the city of Turin.