Biennale Democrazia at Palazzo Biandrate

On Thursday 23 and Friday 24 March at Palazzo Biandrate, the headquarters of the Reale Mutua Historical Museum, meetings will be held with four classes from four Turin high schools framed within the framework of the Biennale Democrazia, a cultural event now in its eighth edition that aims to spread a culture of democracy that can be translated into democratic practice.

Students will be offered educational visits, as well as workshop activities and inclusive experiences on the values of the common good and the ethical behaviour contained therein. To secure something is in fact to protect it, but to protect implies knowing how to give value, and knowing how to give value requires critical capacity and analysis of circumstances, in all their complexity. When the context in which we live becomes itself the good to be protected, then, naturally, our thinking moves from 'what is mine' to 'what is ours' and gives rise to virtuous behaviour and actions, oriented towards a higher good than the individual, because it is common.