Agenda 2030, un Obiettivo Reale

Our Planet is asking us for help.

Billions of people live in situations of extreme poverty and precarious health, disparities between rich and poor are growing, climate change is destroying entire ecosystems and the species that inhabit them. That is why in 2015 governments of 193 UN member states signed a pact to address pressing environmental, social and economic issues, moving towards truly sustainable development.

We believe in the power of education and in the positive effects that today's young people can produce for a growth that respects People and the Planet, and it is from this conviction that "Agenda 2030, un Obiettivo Reale" (i.e. a Real-e Goal) was born, a free didactic tool for secondary school teachers to talk to their pupils about the future, sustainability, the environment and equality.

17 factsheets, more than 90 workshops and exercises, more than 40 infographics to tell the new generations about today's world and stimulate virtuous behaviour to improve tomorrow's.

Find out more about the project and download the factsheets here!