With the Salone del Libro to educate to communicate

The Salone Internazionale del Libro, in collaboration with Reale Mutua, is inviting primary and secondary schools to "Parole che fanno bene, parole che fanno male" (Words that are good for you, words that are bad for you): two live streams during which we will reflect on existing ways of communicating in an era in which, through social media, everyone has the opportunity to spread images, words, emotions, experiences and anyone can be a spokesperson for positive, but also negative and harmful ideas and opinions.

The idea was born on 25 March 2021 on the occasion of the Dantedì, following some violent and offensive comments during a live streaming on the Instagram page of the Book Fair: how to turn what happened into an opportunity? How can we reflect on the importance of words in the world of the web and real life?

These two workshop meetings, which will take place in live streaming on SalTo+ on 14 and 21 February, aim to answer these two questions by involving teachers and young people in a debate with people who are active on the subject of the correct, positive, human, inclusive and educated use of language. Each of these meetings will be accompanied by an extensive thematic bibliography by the Book Fair working group, also dedicated to families.


The programme

14 February h 10.30, "Le parole quando fanno male" (Words that are bad for you) dedicated to high schools: Cathy La Torre - lawyer, LGBTQI+ activist and promoter of the "Odiare ti costa" campaign in support of victims of web hatred - and Nicola Lagioia discuss the dangers and growth of violent language used and experienced by young people on social networks and the web. How can we become aware of this and counteract the language of hatred?

21 February h 10.30, "Le parole quando fanno bene" (Words that are good for you) dedicated to primary schools: Esperance Hakuzwimana - author and activist - and Domitilla Pirro - curator of the Gender Equality Observatory of Fronte del Borgo of the Holden School - discuss the importance of positive and inclusive communication, capable of overcoming discrimination and barriers. Through a reflection on the meaning of words such as home, migration, differences and integration, the two authors and activists show how it is certainly possible to supplant toxic and limiting narratives.

The meetings will be followed by a video-lesson curated by Domitilla Pirro, in collaboration with Fronte del Borgo of the Holden School, which will give the schools traces and suggestions to continue the work in class. The fruit of this classroom activity may then be published on the Bookblog, as a crowning achievement of the journey made together.


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