The Reale Mutua Historical Museum at the Unione Industriale Conference Centre

Today, Thursday 11th November at 6 p.m., the first appointment of Incontri d'autunno, the Autumn Meetings organised by the Unione Industriale Conference Centre will be held, with the Reale Mutua Historical Museum among the protagonists of the debate.

The event, entitled "I Musei d'Impresa. Il Museo Storico Reale Mutua: un museo a quattro dimensioni" (The Reale Mutua Historical Museum: a four-dimensional museum), will examine the birth and development of business museums, evidence of a company that stands the test of time and grows stronger by becoming real experiences.

Discussing the topic at Palazzo Arsenale will be Andrea Montorio, founder of Promemoria, and Eugenio Giannetta, writer for Avvenire, Vanity Fair, Esquire and Harper Bazaar. Silvana Della Penna and Ester Tornavacca will speak about the history of the Museo Storico Reale Mutua and its recent evolution.

You can follow the event live here.