Abilitando 2021: where technology meets disability

On the morning of Friday 8th October 2021, at 10.00 a.m., Reale Mutua and its Historical Museum welcome the inaugural Conference of Abilitando 2021"Dove la tecnologia incontra la disabilità" ("Where technology meets disability"), an occasion of national interest where innovation and disability will meet and dialogue towards an increasingly autonomous and integrated daily life.

Abilitando Onlus is a non-profit association born on the experience gained during the first edition of the homonymous event, organised in September 2015 in Bosco Marengo (AL).

Its aim is to facilitate the daily life of people with disabilities, bridging physical and cognitive gaps, also thanks to technology.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the Conference, organised in hybrid form and translated into Italian Sign Language (LIS), aims to be a moment of reflection on the paths and roads still to be taken in terms of accessibility and inclusion, on the processes of discrimination (direct and indirect) still in place, on the right to self-determination of persons with disabilities who should not be objects of interventions decided by others, but subjects of change that with their competent participation produce innovation.

The meeting will be introduced by Paolo Robutti, President of Abilitando Onlus, Silvia Del Sole, Head of Communication, Institutional Sponsorships and Historical Sources Reale Mutua, and Patrizia Di Marco, President of Utensilia APS.
This edition's coordinators are Haydée Longo, founder of Lex4All.com, and Mauro Buzzi, Founding Partner of Abilitando Onlus and President of Fedman - Disability Management Federation.

Abilitando 2021 will host and give voice to the following speakers:

Giampiero Griffo, Coordinator of the Technical-Scientific Committee of the National Observatory on the Condition of People with Disabilities;
Marilisa D'Amico, Professor of Constitutional Law and Vice-Chancellor for Legality, Transparency and Equal Rights at the University of Milan - La Statale;
Vincenzo Falabella, National President of FISH - Federazione Italiana per il Superamento dell'Handicap;
Antonello Magaletti, Apple Distinguished Educator and Education Business Development Manager at C&C.

The conference will be closed by Anna Revello, Innovability - Reale LAB 1828, and Luca Rossin, Secretary Operating Committee of Reale Foundation.

The meeting can be followed in live streaming on the Youtube channel of the Reale Mutua Historical Museum (@museostoricorealemutua) and on the Facebook page of Reale Foundation (@realefoundation).

After the event, guests will be accompanied to Via Garibaldi to take part in the inclusive tour of our Museum, an example of accessible culture in the territory of Turin.