Alessandro D'Avenia at Palazzo Biandrate for La Notte degli Archivi

During La Notte degli Archivi (the Archives Night), the opening event of the Archivissima festival, the Reale Mutua Historical Museum will host the writer Alessandro D'Avenia, author of best-sellers such as "Bianca come il latte, rossa come il sangue" (2010) and "Ciò che inferno non è" (2014).

On the occasion of the Night, the Sicilian writer will read, accompanied by a LIS interpreter, his unpublished story "I custodi del fuoco", the story of a surreal dialogue on art and disenchantment, memory and oblivion, fire and water. 
Taking his cue from the origins of the Società Reale Mutua, founded to protect against fire, the writer will prompt reflection on another kind of fire: that of creative inspiration, to be carefully guarded so that it does not go out and illuminate future generations.

Don't miss the reading: come and visit us at Palazzo Biandrate, in via Garibaldi 22, on Friday 4th June at the readings at 19.00 and 21.00, or follow the event in streaming on the YouTube channel and on the Facebook page of the Reale Mutua Historical Museum!